Hello and welcome to my website, set up in a purposefully amateurish way.
This is where I put links to my... stuff... There's a lot here nowadays and it had always been difficult to find useful stuff so I decided to clean the page up a bit, and separate it into sections.
I however didn't want to remove most of the original site, so that's still intact under all more recent stuff.
Post Scriptum: Oh, and Dutch and English content isn't separated, so if you don't understand something, I'm sorry. :P

Heading 2

Possibly relevant links

Club Points

My YouTube Channel

Super Mario Maker Levels

MaxYMiser Atari ST Tunes

Self-made games and the such

Bouncy Balls


Graphical creations

SPQR cursors

Unicode Watchhouse

Regarding video games

Yoshi's Island Eggless

My Nintendo Collection

Re-Volt Stuff

GBA Cartridges: Bootleg or Genuine.

Other things I wrote

Operatio Ovis/Operatie Schaap/Operation Sheep

Google versus privacy: een afweging.

Twee gezichten van de vleesindustrie

Pick a number...

Waarom de Friese taal onze aandacht niet waard is

Het gymnasium heeft geen nut!

K. van den Akker in de wonderlijke wereld van de blues en de jazz


Peculiar stuff


Significante getalen, snelheid 175 %



If you don't have any 'better' means to contact me, you can send me a message at (either e-mail or Hangouts).

Old site

Hoi Folk_Rocket! Dit is de site.

Hier kun je klikken op wat je wilt krijgen.




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