Hello and welcome to my website, set up in a purposefully amateurish way.
This is where I put links to my... stuff... There's a lot here nowadays and it had always been difficult to find useful stuff so I decided to clean the page up a bit, and separate it into sections.
I however didn't want to remove most of the original site, so that's still intact under all more recent stuff.
Post Scriptum: Oh, and Dutch and English content isn't separated, so if you don't understand something, I'm sorry. :P

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Possibly relevant links

Club Points

My YouTube Channel

Super Mario Maker Levels

MaxYMiser Atari ST Tunes

Self-made games and the such


The Two of You

Bouncy Balls


Graphical creations

SPQR cursors

Unicode Watchhouse

Regarding video games

Soundtrack Recommendations

Yoshi's Island Eggless

My Nintendo Collection

Re-Volt Stuff

GBA Cartridges: Bootleg or Genuine.

Other things I wrote


I made an Extremely Stupid Mistake, and thank God for it

Operatio Ovis/Operatie Schaap/Operation Sheep

Politics/Society (all in Dutch)

Multicultureel Nederland: een welkome uitdaging

Seksuele voorlichting

Google versus privacy: een afweging.

Sokrates vs. Bush: de situatie in het Midden-Oosten

Twee gezichten van de vleesindustrie

Waarom de Friese taal onze aandacht niet waard is

Het gymnasium heeft geen nut!


Starting University | A Journal

Pick a number...

K. van den Akker in de wonderlijke wereld van de blues en de jazz


Peculiar stuff


Significante getalen, snelheid 175 %



If you don't have any 'better' means to contact me, you can send me a message at (either e-mail or Hangouts).

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