Here are some short (and some less short) reflections on video game soundtracks I'd recommend. For each are embedded YouTube uploads of some special tracks from the soundtrack to listen to. These were originally written for a thread on an internet forum.

  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 title theme
  • Pinball Fantasies soundtrack
  • Harvest Moon: Animal Parade soundtrack
  • Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack
  • Wario Land II soundtrack
  • Super Mario Bros. (Deluxe) soundtrack
  • Mario Kart Super Circuit soundtrack
  • Super Mario Land soundtrack
  • Wario Land 3 soundtrack
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes soundtrack
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack
  • The Jungle Book Groove Party soundtrack
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga soundtrack

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 title theme

    The Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Title Theme, composed by Allister Brimble in 2002. Chris Sawyer, who made the game, asked Allister to compose a theme that started out melancholic but became happy after some time, to accompany some pre-programmed scenes from the game engine.
    I love the result.

    Pinball Fantasies soundtrack

    In 1992, Olof Gustaffson composed the soundtrack for the Amiga and PC game Pinball Fantasies. It, like its predecessor Pinball Dreams, contains 4 tables to play pinball on. All four have got several themes, playing at different times. But before I get to that, there's something else: while waiting for the game to load, an amazing intro theme plays. The theme is very long, so the game will have finished loading before you get too far into it, I assume (I never played it on original hardware), but it's certainly worth it to not press any buttons and just listen to the soundtrack! What a ride.

    As I said, the game contains 4 tables. They are called Party Land, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Gameshow and Stones 'N Bones. These four all have a very distinct theme, and I recommend checking all of them out. (I made the titles into hyperlinks) However, there's one I'll share in specific, to make it more likely you'll actually listen to it: here's Party Land, the first table. I love the duck quacking in the first theme!

    (This video has got the left and right channel separated very far, and that might be a bit awkward to listen to using headphones, if you aren't used to it. However, some purists consider it better, as on the Amiga there was full stereo separation. It's just not great for listening with headphones, and if you'd be playing on an actual Amiga the left and right speakers would be closer together and the channels would blend a bit anyway.)

    Harvest Moon: Animal Parade soundtrack

    Here's Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. The game goes too slow for me, and I haven't played it the most. But it is certainly a beautiful game in all aspects except loading times, and the music is amazing too!
    The entire soundtrack is amazing, and I'll share a link to it later. But for this post, I'll give my comments on some pieces in particular.

    This intro is amazing! I used to not want to watch it, as it contains a lot of scenes in the game that I hadn't got to yet, and didn't want to be spoiled. But if you don't play the game anyway, you certainly might as well watch it. ;) The music tells a gorgeous story when just listening to it, but it's nice to see it with the context!

    Then, like any Story of Seasons (formerly Harvest Moon) game, there is a song for each season. There are also themes for specific places, but when outside, the theme for the season you're in will play, so you'll hear it a lot. But that's no problem, as they're amazing, and rather long! Here's the spring theme, which you'll hear a lot in the beginning, as the game starts at the first day of spring.

    In older Harvest Moon games, after a certain time in the day the music would stop playing, and you would hear ambient sounds to emphasise it being night.
    In this game, however, for every one of these themes there's also a night version! They are a lot more laid-back, to make you feel like you should wrap things up and relax. Here's the spring nighttime theme.

    As you can hear, it's got a very different atmosphere, but it uses the same melodic motives!

    You might remember that when Rhy (sic; this is a reference to something on the forum where I initially wrote it, he shared this theme) shared a certain theme, I got reminded of a cave theme from this soundtrack. I didn't quite know which theme, but I believe I found it!

    Very nice, isn't it? :)

    Lastly, I'd like to share a theme heard very often, and fairly simple. This is the theme you hear in your own house (unless you somehow get it to change, as there are 3 themes, but I only know the first one :P)

    Here's the entire playlist. I've never actually listened to it in full, though, partly because I wanted to save some themes for hearing them in-game. :P

    PS: I'm sorry for not including any information on the composer or composition process; I honestly don't know anything about how this soundtrack was made.

    Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack

    I got to know this game through SimonNaar, a German streamer whom I know from Lemmings Forums. He speedruns Jazz Jackrabbit. It's a great game, and when I got to know it, I also started listening to the soundtrack. I've downloaded the game's files myself, and usually play the music in OpenMPT (if you do this, be sure to have Resampling set to 'No Interpolation'). However, it's on YouTube as well. The stereo separation is very high though, and that might be awkward if you're using headphones. But this is a soundtrack to check out, so I'll be content with that!
    This game, developed by Epic MegaGames, was released in 1994, and the soundtrack was composed by Robert A. Allen. It's really good!
    The tunes are quite long too, which means that in Simon's speedruns you don't hear a single one in its entirety. :P

    (every song plays twice in this compilation)

    Wario Land II soundtrack

    [I also posted soundtrack recommendations on a Wario-related forum, where I didn't post about any soundtracks from the Mario universe because of that. But here I will!] Let me start with Wario Land II, a very simple soundtrack. This was composed in 1998 by Kozue Ishikawa. The game is a platformer, in which you can't die (getting hit only makes you lose some coins).
    I called this soundtrack 'very simple'. With that, I mean that when you listen to it, it's fairly easily to follow all the melodies and figure out the tune - which is very nice for when you want to arrange a theme for piano, as I often do. ;) Motifs are often repeated in different octaves, in especially many cases getting higher and higher.
    Here's my first example. :)

    Here's another track, that's quite different:

    It does again feature the idea of things repeated at a higher (or lower, near the end) pitch, though! Here you can also hear the use of vibrato on sustained notes. That's a very nice addition! (although it makes it harder to play on piano :P)
    Besides the level themes, there are themes that play while Wario is transformed: he can become fat, flat, springy, et cetera... this is what plays while you are turned... zombie!

    Something which isn't very prominent in any of these 3 tunes, but also applied often, is playing any melody on two different channels, using a different octave and/or instrument.

    But this soundtrack has got many more memorable tunes, and the ending theme is, as is often the case in video games, a great joy to listen to. However, I'd recommend listening to the soundtrack in its entirety and ending on the ending theme, instead of looking it up right away. ;)
    Here's a compilation of the entire soundtrack. :)

    Super Mario Bros. (Deluxe) soundtrack

    Let's go back to the beginning. Well, not quite. But this is probably the first time that video game music was used to its full potential, and perfectly complementing the gameplay. There's a reason these are some of Koji Kondo's most famous, and in fact video games' most famous, pieces of music ever.
    This is Super Mario Bros., on the Famicom or NES, composed by Koji Kondo in 1985.

    So very memorable that people are whistling it to this day.
    This soundtrack, being a small one by today's standards, but quite large for the industry at that time, has got some other, shorter, works as well. But I'll assume almost all of you know them anyway, and otherwise you can check this playlist.
    What I'd like to share now, is another soundtrack, coming from the first game I owned. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, released in 1999 for the Game Boy Color. I am honestly not quite sure about how the soundtrack was composed, but in the staff roll, Yuichi Ozaki and Masami Yone are credited under 'Sound'.
    For this game, the original tunes were ported to the GBC, and quite nicely so, although not perfectly. But as this 'Deluxe' version of the game has got quite some extra game modes, there's also new music! And I'd like to point some out in particular.

    Very sweet. :)

    Very funky!
    And lastly, an amazing albeit slightly short theme built off the original Starman theme, used as the credits theme for the game.

    Here's the full playlist. :) Here too are some more nice themes that I didn't get to in this post!

    Mario Kart Super Circuit soundtrack

    This is another soundtrack on which I'm not certain how it came together. However, these 3 composers are credited:
    Kenichi Nishimaki
    Masanobu Matsunaga
    Minako Hamano
    So thanks to them. :)

    This is Mario Kart Super Circuit. It was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance and is probably the least popular main Mario Kart game. However, I actually really like it!
    What shines most about it, though, is the soundtrack. Mario Kart soundtracks are often great, but this is one of the best. Except for one thing... the GBA didn't have a lot of room on its cartridges, and Super Circuit is quite a big game, with 40 tracks (the most in the series until a few years ago). There was apparently little room left for the music, as the samples were compressed down a whole lot. When hearing the music out of the GBA speaker, you don't really notice it, but if you're listening on modern devices, or using headphones, it sounds really muffled...
    I wish someone would once remaster it! I'd do it if I had access to a good sample library. ;)
    For this soundtrack, I'm using the soundtrack as posted on the BrawlBRSTMs3 X channel; I usually don't listen to his soundtracks as they are all extended, and so you have to end the video manually when you've heard enough. However, I don't know how it was done, but the music here sounds slightly better than it does in all other versions (although perhaps not better than the one I ripped myself, but I haven't yet uploaded it as I didn't realise that), and I think that's good. ;) So please end the video whenever you've had enough! (I usually stop after hearing the tune twice) If you want to get the entire playlist: the link is in the description of each video.

    Here's the intro and title theme. What an awesome start! Right away, you get introduced to the great heavy basslines apparent throughout the entire soundtrack. And the greatly manipulated electric guitar sample! After that, you suddenly hear some un-muffled sounds in both ears: those are simple waveforms, used throughout the soundtrack as well. It really adds a lot of character. :)
    There's also a version of this theme with a different intro, that you get after getting 3 stars (the highest possible rating) on all Nitro cups (containing tracks made for this game; in addition, all tracks from the original game return). :)

    Another one that I've got to share is the Menu theme.

    This gets you in the mood greatly!! :D It's paired with great graphics, too; but I can't show those now. ;)

    This theme is, contrary to all others, very short, but it's supposed to, as it's a menu theme, and you shouldn't spend too much time in the menus: you should be racing! ;D

    Now, I'll pick three track themes... on one hand, that's a tough choice, as there are much more amazing track themes... on the other hand, I know right away which ones I'm going to pick. Because there are three that are definite favourites of mine.

    Haha, I'm getting goosebumps while listening to this. <3 It's so gorgeous!! I won't analyse this piece for you, as I'm honestly not that much of an expert, and it's more fun to do it for yourself. ;) But it's so good!
    One think I would like to point out that is exceptional in this theme, is the looping point. The track loops so naturally that when I didn't know it well yet, I often missed it looping at all. I just thought it went on to yet another different part... and then I realised I had heard this part already. :P Looping is very important in video game music, as you don't want to notice "Hey, the tune's over" while racing!

    Secondly, here's the best Bowser Castle music ever. I'm convinced of that. There are many themes in both the Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. series, but this is with certainty my favourite.

    It's a minute long, with 3 different parts to it, and the entire theme actually makes reference to Super Mario 64's Bowser theme - but in such a different context and flavour that I only noticed it when somebody pointed it out!

    Lastly, here's Rainbow Road.

    I love the cute intro! The rest of the theme is so amazing too! The basslines are as great as ever, the melodies are fun and happy, and the entire theme's got such a drive to it! I can play this track on piano (it's hard...) and it's incredibly fun!!
    Also remarkable is the length of this tune. Not counting the intro, it's got 4 quite different sections that are all elaborate, and transition to each other in fun ways.
    I said this of the Bowser Castle theme as well, but to me, this is the best Rainbow Road theme ever!

    Lastly, I do want to share the Credits theme. As said before, you're supposed to only hear this after beating the game, but I don't want anyone to miss out on this. ;)
    When I got to this point of the review, I actually wanted to upload a video myself... because as I said before, the channel whose videos I'm using here, has the themes extended... and for a credits theme, that doesn't really work. :P The other videos of the theme that are on YouTube are not only in lower quality, but don't include the entire theme. This credits theme is so long that people apparently didn't realise it wasn't yet over, and there are many videos on YouTube that have the theme fade out before the end. There is no definite end, at the end it loops infinitely, but it is over 4 minutes long!

    So here we go. Fortunately I've got fast internet here in Amersfoort. ;)

    What a theme. Enjoy! :)
    I won't say this is the best credits theme in the Mario Kart series: that will be featured later, probably. ;) But it's incredibly nice to sit back to and relax, being proud of whatever you have achieved! :)

    Super Mario Land soundtrack

    It was a while until I got this game, but I've always loved the soundtrack. In fact, even before I ever heard it, I already loved it, because a remix of the main theme was used in a Flash game I used to play a lot, and I really liked that.
    The soundtrack was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka - I actually didn't know that, Jun Ishikawa popped up in my mind, but that's the composer for the Kirby games.
    The main theme of Super Mario Land is not nearly as well-known as that of Super Mario Bros., but it's certainly very memorable!

    This entire soundtrack shines in its beautiful simplicity, and happiness. It really fits the game! The entire game is a bit bare-bones and child-like, but very cute and nostalgic - even to those who haven't ever played it before, I would expect!

    A very different feel! To be honest, I don't like how some parts only play in one channel. However, it was probably impossible (at least at the time) to have something panned at an in-between level. A sound either plays in both channels, only on the left, or only on the right.
    But when playing, it doesn't matter, as I never played Super Mario Land using headphones. It's a soundtrack that feels more natural out of the Game Boy speaker.

    Here's another happy upbeat tune. And you might be surprised to hear that we're already half-way through the full soundtracks. ;) That's why I'm sharing all: there's not much use in picking a few special ones and then letting you hear the rest for yourself, as the rest are mostly tunes that work best primarily in context, and aren't so good when hearing them on themselves, and most are very short as well.
    This is a rather short game, with only 12 levels, and the soundtrack is short as well. But it was one of the six Game Boy games that came out with the system, consider that! This was 1989, and a lot of advancements have been made in the Game Boy's lifespan.

    This one's got some quite elaborate sounds for the Game Boy chip! It's apparently mimicking Chinese instruments, but I honestly don't have experience with Chinese music, so I couldn't have told you. :P

    Lastly, here's the ending theme. It's one of my favourites! It loops, while I usually prefer credits themes to actually end. But it works well for the theme, and for the game. :) It's nice that you can listen to it repeat the main section for as long as you want, before finally turning off the game. ;) As next time you'll have to start from the beginning; there is no keeping of saves in these old games!

    This one needs some more discussion. Firstly, note how the melody in the first section is almost exactly the same as the melody in the Overworld theme. If you don't notice, go back and listen to that again. I'm pointing this out because I actually didn't notice at first, and it's really cool! It's played in such a different tone that I didn't even recognise it for a while, and yet it being the same melody does probably make it feel more like coming home, subconsciously.
    Then there's a fairly long section building up excitement, leading into the final sections that will keep repeating. It's so pleasant!! :D Something about the execution that I really love is the vibration on the sustained notes in the melody. Gorgeous. <3

    I hope you enjoyed!
    Now I'm off to play this on piano. ;)

    Wario Land 3 soundtrack

    Wario Land 3 is the sequel to Wario Land II. It was released in 2000. The main differences between it and Wario Land II are that getting hit doesn't even make you lose coins anymore, Wario has to regain all his abilities, starting with the most basic and having to unlock the rest throughout the game, and there's a world map that is affected by getting specific treasures, as are the levels themselves.
    But what stayed the same is that Kozue Ishikawa composed the soundtrack! The transformation themes were reused from Wario Land II, but all others are original. And they've got their own feel, too!
    I think Wario Land 3 tunes actually sound more sophisticated to me than Wario Land II tunes. And it fits, because there's more to the game itself (although there's less levels than in Wario Land II).

    To start us off, here's the title theme to the game!

    Once again, somewhat simple. Although there is actually quite a bit to this theme! It's a very good start, for sure. :)

    There are many level themes in the game. I encourage you to check them all out, but for now I'll just showcase the theme for the first level of the game.

    Isn't it great? :) I love the sound of the two lead instruments, as well. But what you do hear returning from Wario Land II is repeating the same melody at different octaves!

    As said, this game's got a world map... and it's got day and night to it! So most themes have got a night version as well (some simply use the same). Here's the night version for the first level: it really does sound quite different!

    And yet it's clearly got the same melodies. :) Just in a very quiet manner. In this level, even most of the enemies are sleeping before you wake them up! ^.^

    When you defeat the final boss, all enemies are turned back into humans. During the ending sequence, this theme plays.

    I've always like this theme, but when I learnt to play it on piano I got to appreciate it even more. I'm honestly not sure how to describe the feel this song gives off... It's peaceful, yet maybe also melancholy. It's quite serene.

    Following that, however, there's a short but very sweet credits theme!!

    There's something I should explain: throughout this game you are looking for 5 music boxes. Each music box has its own tune, which is sounded when you collect it. When you've got all 5, you can beat the game. Then, when you hear this theme, it turns out to be using all 5 music box melodies!
    So I suppose that maybe Ishikawa-san first composed this tune, and then decided what 5 distinct separate melodies she could take out of it for the music boxes. Or perhaps she did write the lines for the music boxes first, and then made a full theme out of it. Possibly even a combination of the two!
    In any case, this is a great theme. :)

    There are many more great themes in this soundtrack that I won't discuss here, so please do listen to the entire soundtrack if you enjoyed some of this! Or, even better: get the game. ;)

    Lemmings 2: The Tribes soundtrack

    The Lemmings 2 soundtrack was composed by Brian Johnston. He had also initially composed the soundtrack for the original Lemmings game, but most of his tunes had to be rewritten by Tim Wright closely before release, because they turned out to be plagiarising copyrighted content. I might talk about the original Lemmings soundtrack later!
    On Lemmings 2, Brian Johnston also took big inspiration from existing pieces on certain tracks, but made sure they were uncopyrighted tunes. However, there are also many completely original tunes!
    Let us start with the intro theme. That makes sense, doesn't it? ;)

    What a great tune to get you excited for the game! I really like its progression. But I won't talk too much about this track: just enjoy. ;)
    The game of Lemmings 2 is divided into 12 themed tribes. All of the tribes have got great themed music.
    Here's the Egyptian tribe:

    You'll almost certainly recognise the classic melody, made popular by Streets of Cairo and later interpretations. But Johnston added a lot of things unto it, and really made this into quite a neat track! Very catchy, and yet very true to the theme. I once made a tune inspired by Streets of Cairo myself, for someone's video game. I couldn't get close to this, though!

    I was talking about another tune here, but on further consideration, it doesn't particularly fit this review. For one, it isn't entirely as great as I thought it was, and moreover, it only makes sense if you know the original soundtrack: it's a remix/medley of two of the best tunes from the original soundtrack.
    So let me instead feature another tune incorporating existing music: the Highland tribe.

    Two classic themes into one sweet tune! I do feel like it's a bit strange that the flute is so soft, compared to the other instruments. But anyway: this is a really fun theme!

    Now, to end it off: here's my favourite theme from the game by far. I really like the intro also, but I can easily place this theme on place 1.
    Let me introduce the Cavelem tribe.

    The track already starts out amazing. I really 'dig' that beginning. Then it repeats at three different notes, to smoothly go back to the beginning. But wait, it's not exactly the same: some extra transitions are in now, building on the existing notes. When the track goes back to the beginning again, the main melody starts coming in. It starts out soft, and smoothly increases in volume. The melody continues... and then the moment comes where the flute starts playing in higher octaves, and the percussion kicks in! What a great build-up that was! And the rest of the track is amazing as well. :) But you can analyse that for yourself, I don't need to tell you everything that's happening. ;)

    Oh, and something I realised while listening and looking at this track in a tracker: all Tribe themes only use 3 tracks! The main theme does use all 4, but in the actual levels the fourth channel had to be reserved for the sound effects. That makes it even more impressive that the tracks are so rich!

    PS: Ah, forgot to say: here's a link to the entire soundtrack! (well, it seems like the ending's missing, actually; you might be able to find that elsewhere)

    Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack

    This game's soundtrack, like that of Super Mario Bros. and many other early Mario and Zelda titles, was composed by Koji Kondo. The game was released in 1988, for the Famicom/NES.
    Let us start off with the theme for the first level:

    A very laid-back tune. I like how the main melody has got two voices!

    In contrast with the previous theme, this one is a lot more exciting. It's usually used for levels where you might die if you stand around doing nothing.
    Besides these two, there are four other level themes. That's only two more themes than the original game, even though this game's got a lot more levels! But there's another place where more tunes come in, albeit very short ones. This game has got 8 worlds, like the original game, but this time each with its own map. Each map's got its own theme as well!

    This one, for example, plays in world 5. As you can hear, these are very short and repetitive, but that's fine, because there's not much to do on the world map, beyond walking to the next level!
    Here's another one:

    Simple and sweet. :)
    To end off this short recommendation, here's the ending theme from this game. It starts with a simple rearrangement of the theme from the original game, building on it a little extra part that's in some other versions of the original Super Mario Bros. as well. But then the music suddenly transitions to something else: a simple and sweet ending theme that reminds of going home. :)

    It doesn't end, but rather loop to the start. While the second part of the music plays, there aren't actually any developer credits as one might expect, but rather a slideshow of all of the eight worlds included in the game.
    If you want to have a quick listen to some other tracks: here's the playlist I used. :)

    The Jungle Book Groove Party soundtrack

    This game was developed by Ubisoft and published by Disney Interactive (at least on pc it was, but a minute ago the Wikipedia page didn't even mention the pc version existing). The release of the game I've got says that it's a 'completely new game concept', but the concept is identical to the game Dance Dance Revolution released two years prior. :rolleyes: Anyway, it's certainly a very good game! The songs in particular are very memorable. I'll share with you 3 songs, out of 9 total.
    Let's start with a version of a theme that's in the The Jungle Book movie as well.

    (All of these videos include an "Okay guys, let's dance!" in Dutch at the beginning; as far as I know, nobody has been able to get the songs without this. But it's fine.)
    This is a great remake of the classic tune! It was nicely adapted to make work for the game, and still feels largely the same. The tempo changes were taken out because it'd make the gameplay awkward, the dialogue between Mowgli and Baloo was taken out and some parts were stretched out, to make the song of the right length.
    King Louie's song was also remade for the game; I'll leave that for you to check out! Next, the first song in the game.

    I feature this one because in my opinion it's got the best lyrics in the game, while they're also all original. Pay close attention, as they're full of amazing English! British English, of course. ;) The theme is also rather catchy, and Bagheera's singing is great! I'll stop writing now, so you can listen. ;)

    This is nowadays my favourite song in the game (my previous favourite was We are the vultures). To start off, there's a great build-up, letting you know right away that this is going to get serious. Just before reaching the climax, the music shrinks back to make room for Shere Kahn's magnificent voice. And once again, take note of the lyrics! There is much less said in this particular song, but whatever Shere Kahn utters, is very well written. After two verses of low, speech-like singing an epic opera-like part follows. Here Shere Kahn's voice actor really shines. This is hard to do! After he is done, a choir of men urges Mowgli to run. Their worried voices make a great contrast against Shere Kahn's voice, low and steady. I'm really tempted to write the lyrics to these last verses out here, but it wouldn't be too useful, as you can hear them yourself and they are also in the description of the video. :P After another opera-like part and another suggestion from Shere Kahn himself to run, the music echoes into silence for a couple of seconds, before picking up. Honestly, this part is a bit too intricate for me to sufficiently analyse, but it's great!! Then the Run phrase we heard earlier is repeated, but this time another one of the lines is said by Shere Kahn instead of the choir, which adds interest. Finally, a lead melody starts playing, 'picturing' the dire situation. However, after ending, it turns out it's not quite the end for Mowgli! Suddenly the music turns around into a triumphant fanfare. This will probably seem a bit strange and very unexpected on its own, but that's because it's intended to accompany an animation. During the tense melody, Shere Kahn prepares to jump at Mowgli, and near the end of it, does. However, his tail catches on fire from a branch that got hit by lightning, and he runs away. When watching that the sudden change in the music makes a lot more sense, and is actually very effective. :)
    So yeah... I clearly love this song. ;)
    Before ending of this review, here's one more thing: this game's got menu music as well!

    Hold on, it's not just environmental sounds... after a bit under 20 seconds the melody accompaniment starts coming in. And then the melody doesn't wait for long! The melody itself is a very laid-back and catchy one, partly doubled by a different instrument in another voice. The theme has got some other interesting surprises in store as well, and yet it's very easy to listen to. :) Enjoy! It's not very long, and at some point it loops back to the start - of the accompaniment. You won't hear the birds on their own again unless you reënter the menu from somewhere else. ;)

    I hope you liked these, and will check out the other songs! Here's the playlist.
    And when you've got to know them a little, here's another playlist, which the karaoke versions of each song! Yup, the game's got those included as well! :D
    It was cool to write about this: a very special video game soundtrack. :)

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga soundtrack

    This is the first game in the Mario & Luigi series, released for Game Boy Advance in 2003. The music was composed by Yoko Shimomura, who also rearranged the music for the 2017 remake of the game. The remade music is very well-done, but I will be linking to uploads of the original soundtrack here.

    The game's got a lot of very nice music, but most people's favourite seems to be Teehee Valley.

    This is clearly a desert theme, because of the instrumentation alone. But it's not cliché, it features new melodic ideas! It's certainly a very nice theme.
    The second theme I'll mention here is the regular Battle theme. This is heard a lot during the game, but it stays fun!

    It's not extremely intense, but it keeps you on your toes!

    This is one of my favourite themes. It helps that it's the theme of own of my favourite characters. It's very stylish!
    And saved for last, here's my favourite piece in the game.

    I love the organ, and this is such a great theme! I love how the main melody plays throughout the entire theme, shifting from the first manual to the second manual, then to the pedalboard, back to the first manual, and then playing the start repeatedly, to end on a rather nice chord. Everything accompanying the main melody is also great. It's such a dream of mine to be able to play this well!!

    Here's a playlist of the game's soundtrack, but unfortunately both Cackletta's theme and Teehee Valley have problem in this upload (and almost all others). Do listen to it anyway, as there are way more great themes in this soundtrack!